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Choosing the very best senior care that fits your requirements for a loved one is definitely a challenging, time intensive and hard undertaking. You must be able to answer a lot of difficult concerns:

How can I locate the best retirement facility, senior care home or elder care facility? How do you ensure that your loved one is looked after and secure?

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We’re a Free Oregon Built Senior Care Referral Agency - Let us help you!

Senior Living

The definition of senior living involves a number of different elderly care and accommodation choices, incorporating assisted living, independent living, nursing facilities, care homes and Alzheimer's disease care.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is often a long-lasting elder care alternative, providing you with individual care and assistance service including daily meals, administering medicine, washing, dressing as well as method of travel.

Care Homes

Care homes are referred to as adult foster homes offering individualized support to limited number of seniors. All these domestic homes offer residency, food services as well as help with day to day living tasks.


  • Can Residents Take Pets with Them

    That will very from each facility. However, if that is a requirement, we'll help you find a facility that allow you to take your pet.
  • We are wondering what our options are?

    Placing Parents will talk to you and help you figure out what your best option is for caring for your loved one. Let us help you.
  • What kinds of activities are available?

    All care homes provide a level of activities regarding their residents, and you will probably need to inquire about these when researching.
  • Exactly what kind of precautionary care is provided?

    Each home is different with the level of help it can provide when your loved one's health is declining.
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